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The company was initially located at Norrlangdsgatan,  but soon after it moved to Blasieholmstorg. . What  happened? . During the war, high level business men like Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg who maintained a broad network of influential professional and  political contacts, ranked among the most important sources for domestic and foreign intelligence services. See David Segal, Peter Wallenberg, Patriarch of a Swedish Dynasty, Dies at 88, The New York Times, January 19, 2015, (2) In 1940, the building was formally owned by a Captain Carl Ljungberg (1873-1975). . Some years ago, a woman by the name of  Ms Gertrud Larsson (her maiden name)  testified  that during the 1940s, she worked in adjoining offices with Raoul Wallenberg on Blasieholmen. Originally, Mellaneuropeiskas office was not  located at, strandvägen 7A, as  was always believed. Several  other witnesses  who made similar claims were also  ignored. His brother Egon was one of Raoul Wallenbergs godfathers. This meant first and foremost trade with  the occupied areas. A source who wished to remain anonymous but who knew Raoul Wallenberg  well during the 1940s, indicated in a statement  that Wallenberg did «confidential work for the Swedish state» under the guise of his business activities. Both men in turn were on very good terms with the British Military Attaché Henry Denham. According to the witnesses, he was learning the  intricacies of wartime trade. .

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no strings attached movie com lahti

at this point, with plans to arrange for the  import of 160 tons of gasoline from Hungary to Sweden on behalf of the. Did he finally give up trying to attract  the attention of his powerful relatives? These very same problems reared their head later on in Hungary. In 1941, Raoul Wallenberg maintained a temporary office address at Blasieholmsgatan 3, in the heart of the Wallenberg family business sphere. Marcus and Jacobs  remarkable passivity   after Raouls disappearance  in the Soviet Union in 1945 continues to raise important questions. This was the address of Carl Matthiessens Banankompaniet, under whose umbrella Mellaneuropeiska functioned.   Jacob had  alluded to the possibility that the coming war would  create certain problems and that Raoul could possibly assist him in addressing these challenges. . And were these connections  intentionally de-emphasized after Raouls arrest,  in order to protect him, by keeping the contacts to his relatives  out of any discussions? Similar types of companies specializing  in wartime  compensation trade were formed for the Baltic countries, including Transkandia which dealt mostly with Latvia and which was headed by the lawyer and businessman Wilhelm Moberg, a friend of Marcus Wallenberg. . She also said that she met Raoul Wallenberg in connection with this special task. It was with the help of  Akrells old friend, the director of AB Industridiesel, Carl Hardeberg, as well as Helmuth Ternberg,  that Jacob  Wallenberg  tried to contact the Soviet leadership in 1954, to obtain information about Raouls fate.

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The letter shows that. After September 1939, however, Raouls requests for assistance abruptly stop. Colonel Carl Björnstierna, head of the Swedish Foreign Intelligence at the Swedish General Staff until 1942, was married to Jacob and Marcus sister Sonja. . So, how was he planning to earn a living? . This was most likely a New Years visit which probably also offered a chance to discuss Raouls professional future. The new information suggests that his contact with his famous relatives was closer than previously thought. . The companys formal owners Carl Matthiessen and Sven Salén were longtime business partners of both Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg, so Mellaneuropeiskas initial location at Blasieholmsgatan is not necessarily surprising. ( The Red alaston amatööri porno star Book, an official Swedish register for street addresses and their occupants). . Marcus Wallenbergs private residence was located just a few doors down,. It needs to be determined once and for all how extensive Raoul Wallenbergs contacts were with the Wallenberg sphere and what exact training he received. Kungsgatan, where he had previously maintained a small private firm. . It was Jacobsson who already in September 1940 transmitted a request to Jacob Wallenberg from prominent Jewish entrepreneurs in Hungary to temporarily «Aryanize» their businesses to formally replace Jewish board members and directors with Aryan ones, in order to disguise the true ownership. Our inquiry focused on the autumn of 1939, when Raoul repeatedly asked Jacob (his first cousin, once removed) for permanent employment in the Wallenberg sphere. The area forms the heart of the Wallenberg business group, located right behind the famous Grand Hotel. . Founded in July 1940, sukab was a huge Swedish business conglomerate which also included most of the major Wallenberg industrial enterprises like Svenska Kullagerfabriken ( SKF, a manufacturer of ball bearings Svenska Tändsticksaktiebolaget ( stab, a producer of matches and lighters) and.M. In 1940, he abandoned his office. Lauers claim was largely dismissed as an exaggeration of his friends relationship with his famous relative. . The company used the old letter heads with Blasieholmsgatan 3 crossed out and Strandvägen 7A penciled in until at least January 1942. It also raises the question if after Wallenbergs disappearance in the Soviet Union in 1945, these connections were intentionally de-emphasized. 4 Blasieholmsgatan 3 today; Source: Wikimedia Commons (i99pema) Did he also concern himself with specific problems arising from the war, such as Swedens business interests in Estonia, for example, as has been alleged? She said she had been employed first as a secretary for the SEB and she later worked for two companies, Baltiska Oljeaktiebolag and, aB Oljecentralen. Recently new clues have emerged which may explain how he spent his time until July 1941, when he joined. Ljungberg had begun his career in the Swedish Navy. It too was located on Blasieholmen, at Blasiehomstorg. Or did the Wallenberg brothers worry that his knowledge of the inner workings of the Wallenberg sphere could be harmful to the familys reputation? In his personal notes which are preserved at the Swedish National Archives, Raoul Wallenbergs friend and business partner in Mellaneuropeiska, Kálmán Lauer, recalled that Jacob Wallenberg had been Raouls «idol» and that Raoul served as « his private secretary during the time he worked. There the discussion promptly stalled, because.

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